It’s Okay Not To Be Okay Sometimes

Deep Roots Family Wellness brings a unique blend of natural therapy that has been shown to help overcome the effects of anxiety, insomnia and chronic stress.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay Sometimes

100% Natural Treatments For:

Deep Roots offers care for every trimester as well as postpartum. Our 100% natural treatments can help to relieve the following symptoms commonly experienced during pregnancy and after.

  • Anxiety
  • Brain Fog
  • Mild to Moderate Depression
  • Panic Attacks
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Irritability/ Anger
  • Chronic Stress
  • Obsessive Worry

The Deep Roots Healing Experience

Getting To Know You

Weekly sessions will ensure you get the support you need as you begin to feel the positive shifts of the therapy, such as: increased energy, calmer mind, better sleep, improved focus and more.

Natural Pathway To A Healthier You

We get to work with a custom combination of therapies to restore healing and function to your body. That may include acupuncture, bodywork, trigger point injection, dietary changes, herbal medicine and more. We’ll lay it out for you and help you on your way to a pain-free life.

Continued Care + Support

As things stabilize, we can begin to reduce the frequency of visits, but we’ll be here for you in case you need us more frequently of course.

“This practice is amazing. Christal and Marie have totally transformed my pain management from doctors and medication to a holistic approach that actually works. I no longer take liver-damaging drugs. Thank You.” 


“Individualized care plans. A client-centered, thoughtful, patient approach and most importantly EDUCATION as to cause-effect and results. Great loving kind family-centered care. Every aspect of “feel good” is covered” inside out.”


“I have known Christal for more than three years and I can definitely say that thanks to her dedication, knowledge and compassion my pain has been decreasing steadily. I recently visited my Rheumatologist and she compared the last MRI, and she was very surprised, to say the least, all fluid gone and no hematoma! Thank you Christal for helping me in this journey back to health.”

Teresa P.

Answers To Your Questions

Acupuncture has been shown in studies to increase endorphin secretion (a natural mood enhancer and relaxer). It also has strong balancing effects on the neuroendocrine axis (the communication between your nervous and endocrine systems), enhances neurotransmitter function and dramatically reduces stress.

Yes, you will receive specific dietary recommendations based on your unique needs in addition to our diet plan that we’ve used to help many individuals just like you.

The vast majority of the time there are no conflicts and, in fact, our patients are often able to reduce their medications after working with us. There are specific types of medications that do have a lot of documented interactions so we will make sure we know what you’re taking before we start.

We’ve seen it take as little as hours to several days. Everybody is different and the time prognosis varies. However, most of our patients feel better soon after their first couple of visits.

The great thing about our medicine is that we find the root cause of the problem and once it is addressed you no longer depend on our treatment.

Natural Relief From Anxiety and Depression Exists.

Visit Deep Roots to start your journey to better mental health today.

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